Stefan Schumacher

Stefan Schumacher
Stefan Schumacher

I help companies and organizations excel in cemetery management, facilitating technological transformation, enabling them to make the most of digital innovation, and simplifying cemetery and green space management.

Imagine a world where technology intertwines with eternity, where digital cemeteries become spaces of connection and remembrance. I'm Stefan, CEO of PBSGEO, a company that has stood out in the market for offering innovative solutions in the field of digital cemetery plans and software development.
But how did I get here? 

From a young age, my passion for technology led me to study civil engineering. After graduating and gaining experience in civil engineering projects, I observed the potential of technology to transform industries, and my entrepreneurial spirit knew it was my time to contribute my knowledge and skills to the technological world. 

One day, I received a call from a cemetery owner and administrator. He shared with me the difficulties and obstacles he faced in cemetery management. The organization of records, tomb planning, and communication with families visiting the cemetery were tasks that were becoming increasingly challenging. I immediately recognized the opportunity to apply my technological skills to improve efficiency and the experience of people in these delicate moments.

Along with my team of developers, we delved into the creation of cemetery software that would revolutionize management and the experience of families and streamline administrative processes. Success spread, and more cemeteries sought our solution. At that moment, I made the decision to transform this opportunity into a company specialized in the development of software for cemetery management.

Today, as a technology enthusiast and speaker, I take pride in leading a team dedicated to digital transformation, efficient management of digital cemeteries, and the creation of connected and technologically advanced green spaces.

During the conference at the FIAT-IFTA 2024 convention in Krakow, Poland, I will talk more about Cemeteries with AI - how to preserve cultural heritage and collective memory through digital innovation”.  


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