In the global funeral industry, specialized recycling is in high demand. We are the only player in the world to offer our clients a completely industry-specific process that we have developed ourselves. Reliable, efficient and transparent.
And we call it: CRECYCLING.

Who we are
You can't evolve and grow in life without looking back. And we do that with pride. From the moment our founders Jan Gabriëls and Ruud Verberne met in 1986, the Crecycling DNA was born. Right there at the kitchen table, the foundations were established for the business operations and philosophy that we still maintain today. Down-to-earth, while balancing the personal and the ambitious. Now 25 years later, we are a professional company that’s passionate about innovation.
We are ready for the future!

Crecycling is the sustainable solution for crematoria. Together we are working towards a more circular industry.
We are the only player in the world to offer our customers a completely industry-specific process that we have developed ourselves. We recover all metals in a highly specialized way. All materials are effectively separated, weighed and documented.

How we crecycle

Our specialty containers are placed at your facility. Our drivers visit you on a regular basis to weigh and pick up the collected metals. We will go through all the required paperworkand will bring the metals safely to our sorting facility in The Netherlands

We then transport the materials to our innovative sorting center, where we sort the metals in a highly specialized way, in different stages. All the materials retrieved are effectively separated, weighed, and documented according to the latest ISO standards.

Together with our trusted partners, we process your metals to the highest possible standard. After this step, the materials we have separated are ready to be reused.

Once this process has been completed, you will receive a detailed summary of the metals we have sorted and their corresponding prices. After deducting our processing fee, we transfer the net proceeds directly to your account.

Getting curious?
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