We are a company dedicated to the design and supply of equipment, plants and technologies for heat recovery, air or gases heating, incineration, VOC's abatement and industrial heating. From the year 1965, when we started our activity, we have kept in close cooperation with the most advanced and experienced European technological engineerings for thermal process and waste air cleaning technologies.

For funeral industry Kalfrisa has developed crematorium furnaces of proven efficacy and profitability, which are fully automated and which respect environmental regulations in effect. Kalfrisa cremation furnaces are the result of over 30 years of experience in the sector and guarantee conditions of the greatest hygiene, safety and control throughout the process. The devices are forced to emit completely oxidated gases to the atmosphere through a continuous process of post-combustion, guaranteeing a completely transparent and odourless emission.
Kalfrisa offers you a comprehensive technical assistance and support service, continuous maintenance service and remote assistance for all our furnaces.

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