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GFS - Global Funeral Services
  • GFS - Global Funeral Services

Global Funeral Services was established in 2017 as an international venture by two family-owned funeral companies, GRUP VFV SL and Cabré Junqueras SA, for the purpose of seeking growth opportunities in the funeral sector outside Spain.

GRUP VFV SL, comprising 15 subsidiary and investee companies, is a leader in the Catalan funeral sector, with a 300-year history. It owns numerous brands, including ÁLTIMA, GIC de Nomber and AURENS. With over 120 years of experience, Cabré Junqueras SA is the largest independent family- owned funeral company in Catalonia and has an extensive network of funeral parlours. Together, the two companies currently own the largest network of funeral parlours, crematoriums and cemeteries in the whole of Catalonia.

The services offered by the Global Funeral Services companies have been designed to make the funeral process as straightforward as possible for families from start to finish. 

Our mission is to provide funeral and burial services that meet the needs of families, insurance companies, local authorities and official bodies, hospitals, care homes, etc., irrespective of social background, race, religion or any other aspect.

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