• Carmen

Carmen has been operating on the funeral services market for nearly thirty years, comprehensively supplying funeral homes and coffin manufacturers. We are the manufacturer of most of the products we offer. So far, many years of experience in the industry and constant listening to the suggestions of customers guides us in creating new products for funeral companies in Poland and EU countries.

Carmen today is:
- more than a dozen qualified sales and marketing specialists,
- bout 90 experienced production, logistics, warehouse employees,
- 10 vehicles in the company's fleet,
- modern production and sales facility in Lublin, Poland,
- professional machinery, especially modern sewing, quilting, embroidery and fabric sealing machines,
- supplier to more than 1,200 customers at home and abroad,
- direct importer of raw materials, goods and products,
- annual exhibitor at the Funeral Fair since 2003 and partner of the Funeral Forum in Poland,
- winner of dozens of prestigious awards and prizes. 

We co-create the funeral industry, so we warmly invite you to cooperate with us! 


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