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Workshop for cemetery managers in Poland

During the FIAT-IFTA 2024 Convention workshops specially dedicated for Polish cemetery managers will be held. The topics of the workshops, combined with a discussion panel, will address the contemporary challenges in functioning of cemeteries in Poland. The workshops will be accompanied by a lecture on the design of modern cemeteries and memorial sites. The workshop is organized by the Polish Funeral Association (PSP) and the Institute of Funeral and Cemetery Management (IBPC) with support of the NECROEXPO fair in Kielce, the only and the biggest funeral fair in Poland.

This meeting will begin with a lecture titled "Multifunctionality as a Contemporary Paradigm in Cemetery Management. The Cemetery as an Environmentally Friendly, Therapeutic, and Inclusive Space" given by Dr. Eng. Anna Długozima, Assistant Professor at the Department of Landscape Art, Institute of Environmental Engineering, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).

Following the lecture, participants will engage in workshops and discussions on the necessary legal changes concerning cemetery operations. Topics will include the challenges faced by cemetery managers under the current legal framework and proposals for amendments to the Cemeteries and Burial Act: the right to a grave, the repatriation of remains and ashes from abroad for burial, the burial of ashes, exhumation, grave removal, and tombstones. The workshops and panel discussion will be led by Dariusz Dutkiewicz, Director of the Institute of the Funeral and Cemetery Industry, Jarosław Wydmuch, Director of the Municipal Cemetery in Częstochowa and the Municipal Funeral Home in Częstochowa, and Adam Franczyk, Manager of the Municipal Cemetery Office in Częstochowa.

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The workshops will be held in Polish, without simultaneous translation. To participate, you must register on the Convention's website and purchase one of the five types of tickets.

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